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Batcho Animations
Here's a new-ish enemy: Batcho. I did have him in earlier editions but with new art I had to reprogram him to suit his animations. I've also had to update lots of enemies so they can work with new mechanics. It should be pretty chill from here on out, since he's pretty much the last enemy I had to toggle with. The rest will be made from scratch.

Pretty simple enemy. He just sits around or hangs from ceilings. When you approach him or get in range he'll notice you and quickly begin shooting screeches at you. They are fast and can be a hassle to avoid. There are two variants of Batcho; #1. Lazy Batcho which only attacks when it sees you (The one in the GIF is of the lazy variety) while #2. Unaware Batcho will keep repeatedly shooting over and over again regardless of where you are. However they will never face toward you unlike the Lazy ones.

And that's it! Very standard projectile enemy, but can be a hassle in corridors whee it's not easy to reach them. I've also made sure they can't accidentally get you while off-screen as that would be annoying.

The only thing left besides the sound effects for it is to perhaps smooth the transition between flying and landing sprites. Otherwise, I have it like I want it.
Messing around with Shaders in Vivid Wolf!
Ah! It feels good to begin posting gifs again. How many months at this point? Think it's been two months. This entire time I've been busy making art ranging from backgrounds to enemy animations. Over 500 individual images made within that span of time! Perhaps even a thousand if you include editing animation in Game Maker.

Now that I have a surplus of stuff to program, I'll be posting daily I hope! I REALLY need to build a community. I want people to begin speedrunning it when it comes out, I want speculators on what the whole story behind it is. And I need peoples support because I'm now planning to hold a small Kickstarter. Most likely in April or May. It will be small, mainly used to pay for specific fees, equipment, beta testers, and perhaps hire a few extra artists to smooth out the game. Probably no more than $10,000. It's also to see if I can get the word about it spread around, perhaps even get it on other systems with the stretch goals. But that's still being figured out.

ANYWAYS, this GIF is me messing around with Shaders. If you don't know what those are, they're like light/color effects you can do on images/surfaces. Like reflection on water, distortion effects, saturation, etc. You can pretty much do anything with them but they do use up GPU if many are used.

I original had a Shader for Greyscale effects on the backgrounds WAY back when this game was much younger. The thing though was that I didn't understand Shaders very well or at all. I used one from the internet and at best knew how to toggle it for my needs. But I ultimately dropped it.

When thinking about Kickstarter, I wondered if I should use money from there for some skilled programmers to develop shaders for the game. But now doing my own research on them I'm finally beginning to understand how to effectively use and create my own shaders. With more time, I'll begin making some stunning visuals. Though I'll try not to use them much. I want my game to have no lag at any point if I can help it.

In this gif are some Turtboggin's with Colored Shields. I've talked about them before but to briefly explain; you can only hit enemies with Shields IF the attack you hit them with is the same color as the Shield. So red ones will require the butterflies Red Sword. However, White Shields are invincible. The only way to harm an enemy with a White Shield is to jump on them. Turtboggin's cannot be jumped on, so that one in the image is quite literally invincible. The only way to get rid of a White Shielded enemy at that point is by means of another force (Such as a Crushing Block).

There was originally a different shield effect, but this is what I've always wanted. Them to glow a specific color and to radiate a color effect. Making them one color is one thing, but it's not easy for them to fade between a color and back without animating or wasting time with something else. And you can make them glow white (Since the default color_blend is white, so doing that would make no difference).

But the Shader here has a Float Value that I tell it to increase and decrease to give the glow effect. Besides that, I also have a new effect for enemies taking damage. When they take damage, their colors are inverted every couple of frames. Since only one shader can be applied at a time, I had to make sure the other shader only activates when appropriate. I've applied this to all enemies through scripts and it's very nice.

There's much more work to do! Hopefully tomorrow I'll show off a new enemy. I have 30+ enemies that need to be programmed!
New Vivid Wolf Logo by LucasMaxBros
New Vivid Wolf Logo
Haven't posted any new art in nearly a month. But if you happen to follow my work on my game, do not worry! I've been working on it plenty. Just nothing to show, but that will change February when I finally begin programming the enemies that I've been working on these last few weeks. Plus I've gotten over 50 backgrounds done!

So here's the new logo. The first logo was never going to be the official one, but it's pretty bad looking back at it. However my quality has grown as well as my research. 

I'm trying to go with a simple look, and little bit standard as well. Many people know Super Mario Bros, and an easy way to identify something that's SMB is by looking at the logo. The logo has funky letters with different colors and casts a large shadow behind, giving it a depth like feel. I did the same for Vivid's logo, but I did tone down the wackiness of the shapes and gave it some texture. This way it's not 100% identical, but if you were to glance at the Vivid part of the logo, you would perhaps think "Mario" and then think "Platformer". And if you happen to like platformers you might just be tempted to check it out.

The difference in colors isn't only because of Mario. The game is about color after all! But it's about color vs grey. To do this, I made the Wolf part have no color. In addition, I made sure it would stick out by adding a black outline to the text so it could stick out in different backgrounds should I also make a version without the paper behind it. I also want to use the "O" for something. I originally wanted Earth, but Vivid Wolf has changed since it first began. I originally had you start out playing the levels where everything was grey, but as you collected color, life and colors would return. This has since changed. So I decided I needed to symbolize Butterflies, which play a big role in the game now.

And since the game is very "artsy", I stylized the outlines to look like they were hand drawn somewhat, gave the letters a sketch like texture, and the background is notebook paper to make it look like it was drawn in a book.

I do not consider this the final version. There are a few things I want to experiment with, but I might leave it at this. I want a simple look and I feel this does the job nicely.
Enemy Designs Galore! by LucasMaxBros
Enemy Designs Galore!
Finally got a new Scanner to scan some new images! Though it's still a hand full to work with (kept disconnecting with my computer, next time I should use a cable), I managed to whip up some sketches I had left in one of my sketch books. I believe there are 32 enemies in this picture. So lets name them(some are temporary):
(Going from left to right, then the next row)
1. Thug Bug
2. Slam Jim
3. Flasko
4. Turtboggin
5. Pet-Pat
6. Shelmet
7. Batcho
8. Squidington Prime
9. Lazy Eye
10. Oventros
11. Reliably Ivy
12. Icecreamer 
13. Slurplime
14. Skuller
15. Toastoff
16. Mushroomneer
17. Skitch-Scroch
18. Dolly
19. Quildoo
20. (RAF)Rodent Air Force
21. Slugster
22. Umbrellick
23. Old Time Neo Hipster
24. Cauldro
25. Surfin' Star
26. Spinnin Pumpkin
27. Light Bulb of DOOM
28. Tux N Torch
29. Party Lamp
30. Tucktile
31. Puff Punk
32. Drawerior

So these are some of the enemies you'll most likely see in the game. This is about half the enemies I've conceptualized so far. It's not for sure if all will make it in, and there will definitely be new ones. 

Productions been slow, but I was taking a break for Christmas. I've now returned and have only a little bit left to do with backgrounds. Then I can move on to making enemies and tiles. I've also been slowly crafting levels on paper to see what sorts of designs would best fit the game and where to put what.

Lots to do still.


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