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NEW Vivid Attack Animation 3
Last one for now. Besides showing off her other attack (which isn't very different from last time)I showed off what her new jump animation is like and some of the random things I've been testing with in the room such as new animations for other objects.

Main different with the new bow is that it last slightly longer and the arrow has a sparkle effect. The arrow is also slower, doesn't go as far, but has a bigger hitbox. And other than a new coat of paint, that's it. Though it's hilarious seeing the Butterfly summon ad use a Bow & Arrow out of nowhere without arms to boot.

"Color" in this game (AKA, the Mario Coins/Sonic Rings of this game) has a new look. The original design was a Star, then it became a gem, now...they've been changed to Butterflies which is to fit the new theme of the game.

And dat jump animation. That took a LOT more work than expected. Originally the jumps Vivid made had 3 parts to it: Going, mid-jump, and falling. However there is now a startup to the jump (it only lasts a couple frame), her arms move to position wen in mid-jump, and just before she lands there's a moment where her arms fall back down. It took several days to make it just right, but it took even longer to find a fitting jump for her. Her original jump was decent, it did its job, but I couldn't redo it with her new look. So I looked up a few and decided to do Megaman X's jump, but with a hint of cuteness to it.

Now on to Spirit's animations! I've already completed her run cycle, so she should be done soon. Then I can focus on her attacks and the game will take a major step towards finality. 
NEW Vivid Attack Animation 2
So here's another attack, as well as an update to how the attacks come out. I now made it so the Butterfly rushes in front to summon the attack which feels a lot more natural. Gives a lot of speed to the attacks, especially the one I'm showing here. 

This is Vivid's RED weapon, a Sword...or is it?! I decided to add a twist to the whole thing and give the game some humor to boot. When you use this attack one of seven different sprites may be used: Sword, Heavy Blade, Stop Sign, Umbrella, Swordfish, Bat, or a Pirate Sword. They all do the same thing and have the same hitbox, it's just for looks. Speaking of which, the attack comes out much faster with a larger arch. The hitbox of the attack I believe is smaller, but reach just as far since I've extended it out a bit. The attack is good for enemies in front or that you want to rid of quickly, since this attack does twice as much as any other attack.
NEW Vivid Attack Animation 1
Well, it's a start of something different. Originally, I wanted to do an animation for Vivid that showed her attacking. Each animation would be different for each attack. However, that didn't work as planned, but also made things simpler. Instead, the Butterfly character (I like it call it "Ribbon", since it was originally going to be a Bow)summons the weapon in front of Vivid. The problems I ran in were that I'd have to make not one attack animation for each weapon, but many since Vivid is in a lot of states (Standing still idling, running around, jumping up or down). While I could tone down her other animations, that's not the point. She's suppose to be more loose and wild in her animations. Additionally, I wanted the player to move and do other things such as wall jump while still being able to pull off an attack at the same time. So you never have to stop n your tracks to attack like in various games nor does the attack make vulnerable other than she has to wait a second to pull another attack off.

And lastly, it's Ribbon whose doing the attacking. The relationship between the two is that the Butterfly has the magic while Vivid is immune to the "Color Absorption" effect going on in the game since she is colorless to begin with. So Vivid is is protecting the Butterfly, whose also protecting her at the same time. Same goes for Spirit (the Wolf character for the uninformed), except Spirit's attacks are more involved(being that she can do a Fire Dash and the likes). Now it's just a matter of making sure it all feels right, and making the animations look better. I want it to feel like the Butterfly is the one whom is summoning the attacks, I may even have an animation/sprite where Vivid briefly reacts to it when still or something. It's still in progress.

Regardless, this is the new BLUE attack, which was originally an Ax. It's now a Pick-Ax, since I felt it made more sense in the fact that you using that in digging or to nail into something incredibly hard. That's because you can use this weapon to climb walls. It stills acts exactly how it did before, but I did make its rise and fall faster and arch extend a bit.
Vivid Running 3.0
Ah! Finally got around to sprucing up that animation I made a while back. One thing that had bothered me was that she didn't seem to lean in enough or really get into the run, turning her torso more vigorously. But with trying out new sprites and testing her in the game behind the scenes, she's not suppose to be super fast. The other character, Spirit, is built more for horizontal speed while Vivid is more for vertical speed. And since she also wears a long dress, I can confidently say she doesn't need to be truly running. She's more accurately speed-walking, or lightly jogging.

Biggest changes here is her sleeves. They flop all over the place! They didn't flop around last time, and it made the animation look really stale, but this gives it a nice sense of motion. I also made one foot slightly bigger so you can tell which foot is closer. Her shoulder showed no white for a frame which looked odd so I fixed that, and her stride is depicted better with her going up and down along with her footsteps. 

Things I might change in the future is her torso so it turns more, and maybe make her feet more distinctive since they sometimes give the illusion that they are repeating in the same spot when they are actually going the full cycle. I might also make he facial features more apparent so you can see them from a distance.
Vivid Wolf - 16 Game Mechanics sheet by LucasMaxBros
Vivid Wolf - 16 Game Mechanics sheet
If ya don't know what Vivid Wolf is at this point, it's a 2d platformer I'm currently working hard on. The idea is that you play as a girl named Vivid who gains the ability to switch between the 3 colors Red, Yellow, and Blue. Doing this will allow her to affect different objects depending on her color. She also gets a different attack depending on the color, but you have to be careful since you could easily switch to a weapon you want without realizing the Colored Blocks you were standing on no longer work since you changed color! You'll also eventually play as Spirit, which is the Wolf character in the game.

Here are but 16 mechanics in the game. Mind you, this isn't EVERY mechanic/object you'll encounter, but they are very common. There are also Orange, Green, and Purple ones that I didn't happen to draw down to conserve room.


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A friend told me about your game project. It looks nice. Good luck with it.
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Hi, I am interesting in helping compose music for your game.
UnBronySenor Featured By Owner May 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
*interested, my bad.
LucasMaxBros Featured By Owner May 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! Thanks for commenting, but before you get any further with helping with a soundtrack, what experience do you have in composing? If you can, I'd like to hear a song you've made to see if you are fit for the task.(And if you somehow haven't made any music, you can always make some and have me listen to that!) 
UnBronySenor Featured By Owner May 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I have experience in several different styles, ranging from classical to rock to chiptune.

Which style do you prefer (I can do others besides those above mentioned)?

Do you have an email I can send the music to?
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