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Stage Test gif
Here's the beginning of a stage I made for the Demo in my game. Just showing off the looks and game mechanics for about 10 seconds. Redid the tiles and backgrounds....again. But this time I found something that I felt has been missing since day one, and that is a complex yet simple tile design. Simple shapes but when looked upon looks varied and has nice structure but isn't so complex it distracts. I originally wanted something like what was shown but it somehow altered and I got distracted with it. But I really can't see how it can look any better. Other than adding more tile designs, this ones a keeper! Same with the natural tiles like bamboo and trees now. The textures I applied gives a very neat and distinct effect.
Vivid Attack Animations
These are the different attacks my character Vivid can do in her upcoming game, Vivid Wolf. Depending on her color will determine her attack.
RED: A large sword will slice downwards. It does a lot of damage and is satisfying to land a hit with.
YELLOW: A Bow & Arrow. It has a slight delay when it starts, but good for getting enemies from afar. The bow it self can also hurt enemies.
BLUE: An arching Battle Ax, similar in vein to Castlevania. While awkward to land with, it's good against aerial enemies. It's most unique feature is the ability to climb Blue Blocks with it.

Only thing I MIGHT change in the future is Vivid's animation when the attack is executed. She just poses for a split second. But at the same time it's not necessary, especially since you need to execute these quick while on the move, not stand still and stare at an animation of her pulling back a bow. Plus I'd have to make extra animations depending on if she was on a wall, air, etc. If people really look up to the game, I might do it.

Tell me if you like the attacks. 
I'm wanting to make other games in the future, but after Vivid Wolf which should I focus on? I won't be working on them for a while, but I'm always constantly coming up with ideas anyways. With that in mind I want to know what people would like me to make next as a purchasable Indie Game (I hope... need an audience to really get anywhere and I have a small crowd...for now!). 

I have one of two games that I could easily get to making after Vivid Wolf, but there will be a struggle with making either. AND I want to know which game people would prefer.

So of the two, they are:

1. A fast-paced Action-Platformer based off Megaman X and various Treasure games. The game would deliver some excellent visuals and perhaps some of the greatest Action you'll ever get out of a platformer.(I ain't giving names or details, but I have the ideas all pictured in my head....just got to get them out)

2. An RPG that combines elements of both JRPG and WRPG in a semi-turn-based & semi-action-based gameplay experience. It would feature many great mechanics from games in the past (Like instantly winning a fight if you're too strong from EarthBound) and new mechanics NEVER before seen! Of course the biggest problem with this one over the Platformer game is that the story and details would take a LONG time to make just right. But I have a feeling that if I ever complete it, it could be a GOTY for some!

Also, if anyone would like to suggest their own ideas that would be fine too! I have many character ideas for both, but nothings final. For now I focus on my other game, so tell me which you prefer:   a Platformer -OR- an RPG?
Vivid Wolf by LucasMaxBros
Vivid Wolf
Official art for my game.

Vivid Wolf is a Puzzle Platformer where the goal is to recollect the color that was stolen from Earth. The levels will start dull and grey, but as you progress both the environment and music will change. There will be countless different ways to play through levels and plenty of other modes such as Time Attack and Extra Stages.

Currently the game is still under development(for over 5 months!) and a major Demo will be released soon along with a Steam Greenlight page. If you'd like to support the game, follow on here or Twitter for the latest news!
Vivid Wolf Poster 1 by LucasMaxBros
Vivid Wolf Poster 1
The art just keeping raking up! I'm trying to make as many little art pieces as possible so people who want a nice glimpse of the game can quickly look and see if they want it. The Vivid Wolf logo is still a work of progress, but this one is just a filtered version of the current one. Still trying to think up of a better design. Though I say that cause someone said it doesn't seem fitting, but then I look at it and it seems very fitting to me. I guess what I should do is make it slightly more simplistic. I'll have to try a few things I guess.

Anyways this isn't actually an in game screenshot (Though it will look very similar I hope), but this is from a cut-scene that is still being planned out. 


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Hello! Thanks for commenting, but before you get any further with helping with a soundtrack, what experience do you have in composing? If you can, I'd like to hear a song you've made to see if you are fit for the task.(And if you somehow haven't made any music, you can always make some and have me listen to that!) 
UnBronySenor Featured By Owner May 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I have experience in several different styles, ranging from classical to rock to chiptune.

Which style do you prefer (I can do others besides those above mentioned)?

Do you have an email I can send the music to?
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