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Icescream Enemy animation
When I put the frames together the first time to see what the animation would look like, it was glorious! So the deal with these enemies is that they are easily offended by just about anything. After all, they ARE icecream and people/animals are probably trying to eat them. It's just a misunderstanding! A misunderstanding that results in your demise!

When provoked, it will follow you. The only way to avoid its attack is to run or manage to get above it. They are usually placed above and around areas you need to get through. Simply touching them will also provoke them. They'll never fly up or down toward you thankfully. After the assault it will stop and return to normal as if nothing happened. I expect that you'll usually just provoke them once and try to get them away rather than fighting them(Which I'll probably make it so they can avoid or block certain attacks during a frenzy).

I want lots of character in this game and I'm on my way to doing that! 
Enemy Concepts 4 by LucasMaxBros
Enemy Concepts 4
Here's four more new designs:

Icecreamer - Da'www. Isn't he adorable? He just stands still waving at you with glee. Just don't touch him, let alone attack him. After all most people who try to grab at him wanna eat him. So it's only natural for him to retaliate...WITH A LASER CANNON. Once provoked, he will grab his "cool" glasses and go on the offensive. Then he'l quickly whip out his cannon and launch a large diagonally-pointed beam at you in a snap! Once he thinks you got the idea, he goes back to his adorable self! So don't mess with him. He was mainly inspired off of Vanilite, the Pokemon. 

Surfer Star - He really doesn't care. Not a little. He goes where the board takes him...even if it isn't on a wave. In fact, you never see this guy riding any waves. Why is he called a surfer again? When the board is destroyed or he's defeated, even in his falling animation is like,"whatever". Makes for good cannon fodder at the very least!

Fureally - Yes. I'm being for-real here!(Why do the ice-world enemies have the puns?) He's a jolly bouncing seal that hops all around. He's so bouncy, that he'll automatically bounce off a wall and onto another, effectively making him a natural wall-jumper. So these guys get around! They are also easy to bounce off of with hurting them in the process.

Dolly - Okay, this was a funny one to make. Just...dat face. I mean, I'd probably act the same way if my limbs acted stiff 100% of the time. She(?) can't even move them well so she has to waddle to get anywhere. Additionally, Dolly can be knocked down but not defeated. She's the "Dry Bones" of Vivid Wolf, with the added bonus of sort of tracking you. There are ways to defeat Dolly, and that is fire attacks, or terrain (such as crushers or pits). 
Bug Enemy animation
This took a LOT longer to make than it should have. But I think that it's due to the fact that the design was very simple. Perhaps too simple. The original design of this guy had 4 stubby legs, and he was as basic of a bug enemy as you could get. He's literally the Goomba of Vivid Wolf. But that might be why it was so hard to animate. I wanted to make sure this design and animation would tell you immediately what this thing does and how it acts.

First, he's got big ol' shoes. Pretty much all he can do is walk, and has a very non-threatening appearance to him, especially his back which will lead the player to want to jump on it. Besides the goofy shoes, his animation is very fast. It's hilarious to look at while in the game. It really looks like he's doing all he can to go super fast, but even when the animation is going at 60 fps, he's terribly slow. It's amusing seeing this guy come at you with full effort at practically the speed of a snail.

Besides that animation, whenever he encounters a wall or obstacle, he'll get shocked, then slowly turn around and keep going at it. Ignorance we'll be his doom!

I'd kinda like to make the antennas bounce around a little, but I'm afraid it will be too distracting. Other than that I really like how it came out!
Enemy Concepts 3 by LucasMaxBros
Enemy Concepts 3
Hey! Got some more enemy sketching done! Let's take a look at what I have here:
1. Slam Jim - Yup, he's a punching bag brought to life and has boxing gloves. He's also got some patch work done on him, and the strap that lifts punching backs is being used as a bandanna. The idea behind this enemy is that he'll launch an assault of punches when you get close enough, and he'll hop around to try and make you nervous. However, each time you hit him he becomes more and more damaged, his smile turning to a frown. When he's defeated, he'll throw a White Towel.

2. Oven - Stationary enemy (Though I might make one that hops around) that will breathe a barrage of fire that goes quite a distance. This can either be based on how close you get, or on a global timer in the game. It has to recharge afterwards, venting off smoke.

3. Lazy Eye - This is an enemy I've had in multiple projects. Basically when close enough, the eye will follow you and shoot a beam after a short time. Some do it nearly the instant you enter their range, others take a while depending on the section of platforming you have to go through. These enemies cannot be destroyed, but can be stunned temporarily. 

I'm currently cycling through the designs I've created and improving them before I actually animate them in the game. I think this will bring a lot of charm to the game with how enemies die in different ways or react to you in different ways. I want the environment and the enemies to have this "relationship" with the player.
New Vivid Image (with beta tileset) by LucasMaxBros
New Vivid Image (with beta tileset)
Here's me testing out the tiles I've been working on in my game. Looking pretty good overall! Despite lacking many features still, such as enemy variety among other backdrop tiles (likes trees), I think it's quite charming. The dirt is suppose to resemble Graham crackers/cookie dough. And everything is suppose to look like it was drawn or sketched. You can even see that parts of the level are literally taped together!

And this is the first time I believe I've shown an image of the new HUD. It's still a work in progress. Especially the collectibles, because I'm not keen on what to do for them anymore. They were once coins, then pearls, then stickers, stamps, etc. Ultimately, they're just collectibles at the end of the day, but I would like something flashy. I might also go for a DKC thing with the K-O-N-G but instead do WOLF or VIVID. Not sure. I only want 3 collectibles at most since when I did 6 I felt like I barely had any space to put them anywhere, even when I made a rather large level. 

On a less confusing note, I think I know exactly what to do with Vivid's levels now. With how much I've experimented and tested, I have a good idea of how to go about each level and how to teach the player all the mechanics or how to go about solving a new puzzle. So it just now comes down to making it look pretty, sound good, and working on the stages themselves!


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