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Vivid's Charge Attacks
Here's something that's been planned for a long time ad only now have I actually gotten around to completing it. That's the Charge Attacks! What I wanted was something to spice up the game but not be too much to the point it drastically changes everything. So I thought about the implications of putting in charge attacks to perhaps make some enemies easier.

Now in most games you hold down the attack button to charge and have a second you have a charge attack ready. That is true for this game as well, BUT... you aren't free to use these attacks all willy-nilly. You have to find the Charges first. They are a collectible with a sword icon on them. When you have at least one and hold the attack button, Ribbon the Butterfly will begin to sparkle and make a revving sound to indicate that the charge is ready.

Once you release the attack button while charging, Vivid will unleash a new attack according to her color. All these attacks are upgraded versions of the non-charge attacks:
RED: Excalibur Attack. This blade has a longer hit box than the regular attack and lasts slightly longer. It's very easy to get multiple enemies within its range.
YELLOW: Tri-Shot Bow. Unleashes 3 arrows to cover a larger area than the skinnier single arrow could. The best thing about Charged Attacks is that they pierce enemies instead of being destroyed upon contact. This is very effective against a row of enemies!
BLUE: Battle Ax. It retains the same properties as the regular Blue Attack, but its arc is slightly taller and goes slightly farther while having a far larger hitbox. And again, it can ow go through multiple enemies.

All charge attacks do 4x more damage than the regular attacks. So any enemies with 4 HP or less will immediately die upon contact. And most enemies have less than 4 HP, but not all. And since Charge Attacks are limited to how many Charges you have, it may change how you play with them. Will you be conservative and save all of them so you can spam it on Bosses or when you're low on Hearts and have to go through some dangerous spots? Or will you use them as soon a you have them?  

But one question is left unanswered; how do you CANCEL a Charge Attack? This isn't MegaManX where Charges are free and unleashing on has little to no consequence. Use one here and you have one less Charge to use at your disposal.

To cancel, switch your color and it will automatically reset the charge timer. This means keeping in mind what color you are when you begin charging as it could delay when you might really want to use a Charge Attack.

And on a last note, you can carry up to 99 Charges. There will be MANY different ways to collect them as well. Ideally, I'm thinking about having the game giving you a Charge every time you collect 50 Color or when you get 100% Color after completing a stage, one of your rewards is getting 3 or so Charges. Enemies carrying Charges, Collect certain collectibles under a timer and a Charge appears, etc. 

Next time I'll be showing off Spirit the Wolf's Charge Attacks!
More stuff being added!
Just in general really. But Vivid Wolf is getting closer and closer to completion with each day. Soon I'll have a huge load of stuff to post here.Especially since I just made 10 unique backgrounds within he past day(was a lot of work). So much planned yet so much to do.

The most important thing of all for he game is: Publication! 

This game could be the best game you'll ever play. But that doesn't really help it make sales unfortunately. There are plenty of games many consider trash yet make tons in terms of sales. Heck, Sonic 06, while sold terribly, STILL made millions. I'd be lucky to make 1% of that amount with this game alone! But what this means is that I need an audience and to address it. I have a plan, and if it all works out I might make more in terms of sales than I'm hoping for. But no guarantees of course. My goal is to get the game on Greenlight (I'm pretty confident I'll be able to at this point) and get at least 1,000 downloads or more within a couple of months. If I can do that, I'll be extremely happy with my project.

My plan is to make a deal with a potential publisher. It would probably mean splitting more profit, but it would do a lot better in terms of sales. Additionally, I do have a history with a couple of other things that if I were to go back to, such as Sonic 3CD, it may get my game and me in general more attention toward my projects in the future. All that together should REALLY help the game.

I'm also making a small blog where I'm trying to post stuff about the game every other day:

Anyways, just wanted to post another gif, this one shows a new mechanic which simplifies the game and makes some things I couldn't do before possible. When Jumping over a Colored Block that doesn't match your color, if you hold the Jump button right before landing, you'll automatically switch to that color! This really helps with specific platforming sections by making things less confusing. Instead of worrying which color switch button you need to use to you can just let the game do it for you. The only thing you have to do is Hold Jump while landing on it. The game will even give you a prompt to remind you!

Now all you really have to worry about is what color you are in case you need to use a specific attack.
Vivid Wolf Screenshot 7 by LucasMaxBros
Vivid Wolf Screenshot 7
I was randomly testing stuff, came to this part and really liked the look of it. Decided to take a picture. Right now I'm trying to make sure everything is consistent in the art (backgrounds have a blur, tiles have thicker but more plain lines as well as a slight blur, and touchable objects have clear black lines.

I'm also testing different assets with each other and seeing how much or how little I should use. Looks like this game benefits more from minimalist type approach in terms of laying out tiles. I was laying out different bushes and flowers in areas and it looks better when there's only one particular tile taking up the spot on the screen rather than several next to each other. So that's good...cause that means I don't need to make as much art nor do I have to lay out so many things! But It'll take practice.

I'm quite satisfied with the art but still looking for areas to improve. I may attempt to make Vivid have more clear black lines if possible. But I think it's fine the way she is because this game is ALL about focusing on your surroundings and maintaining a specific color to figure out puzzles or attack enemies. It's just how I think it should be designed. Maybe some people won't like it but I have a god reasoning and the styles ultimately fit. Or perhaps I should say, they DON'T fit, since each world has a different art style. This one being Crayon. Of course, the different art styles will be pretty similar regardless but they will have some differences. They'll still have black lines and the such, though the interior will be different in texture. 

Crayon has rough edges and a colorful inside, while Water Painting has different volumes/layers of color and is very light. Markers are thick with obvious lines, Acrylic will variate all over the place with color smoothing into each other, Pixel Place is...pixels, and the last world has thin lines and a very professional/business type look to the pen art.

So I have it figured out I'd say. Just got to make...the rest of it. Plus, I have to make animated "tiles" or moving foreground objects, like flowers and birds. That should add to the atmosphere. 

I also really need to smooth out a bunch of objects. Like parts of the HUD are very rough when they should be smooth. Oh, and the shadows in the picture are missing some yeah.
Slam Jim Enemy Animation
Ah, so close to releasing a new demo. While it will be very short (And I doubt I'll get a lot of feedback, that's always the case), it will be helpful should anyone test it and think something could be improved. And there are a lot of things that need to be improved, but I want this game looking and playing at its best so when other people see it they'll want it and spread the word.

This here enemy is Slam Jim. He's a Punching Bag come to life. Probably the most complex and strongest enemy you'll face in this demo or the next. Not the strongest period, but he has a smug look for a reason. Besides taking multiple hits to kill, Jim can block attacks! Any time they enter his radius he'll instantly block them. 

The only way to hit him is when his guard down, which is when he is attacking. In order for him to attack, you must also be close. He'll charge and soon after throw an attack in what ever direction you're in. During the charge and the punch he is vulnerable, but only for a second(which is plenty of time). Be careful as his punch will break your own attacks!

Additionally, his movements are random but easy to maneuver around. He'll do a random hop in one direction then stop to land before moving again. It can throw you for a loop when jumping over him at certain angles since he could hop in your face. He'll only do a punch when grounded as well. Oh, and he's one of the few enemies that hopping on top of will do no damage. You can still bounce off him, but its easy to miss and get hurt in the process while attempting I suggest not doing it. Thankfully, he's slow, so running pass him is easy. Of course, he's quite the nuisance when placed in an are you NEED to get through.

And I do love his expressions. He isn't too smart, but he'll wreck your day if not careful. As he takes more damage, he gets more beat up and goes from "Ima gonna wreck ya!" to "This was a mistake!". The only thing I have left for to throw the White Towel when he dies.  

Demo should be out soon. Just got to redesign some stuff with new art...then wait for IndieDB to take HOURS for them to greenlight the Download. I'll have an early version of it on Mediafire though.
Vivid Wolf Pause Menu progress by LucasMaxBros
Vivid Wolf Pause Menu progress
So this is what I've been working on for the past couple of days. Not too exciting, but it's to insure the game has quality and the player has options so their experience is good. You probably go to a Pause Menu all the time in games and never really think about it. But, it's actually tough to nail when you really want to make sure the player has everything they could want or need.

The part of the menu you see here is the Gamepad Controller binding. You can change the controls to whatever you want or set them back to normal. This is also true for Keyboard, except there are two Default controls you can easily switch too. One for WASD people and one for Arrow Key users. That's right lefties, I gotcha covered. It's actually surprising to to see how many games don't have a default control scheme for people whom are left handed.

And like the gamepad, you can set the keys to literally any key on the keyboard. Even foreign keys...I think(I don't have the ability to test that, but it should work!). Only problem is due to the hundreds of different keys you could use...I can't show key icons next to each control like I could with the gamepad (like you see above). Unless I wanted to code EACH individual control (Left, Right, Attack, etc) and have it check for EACH key with the ASCII (or whatever they call it) and show the appropriate image- it's dumb. I'm not doing that. Ultimately it doesn't matter, since I'm PRETTY sure you'd remember your own personal control scheme...or just use the simple default one.

To say that binding keys/buttons is a nightmare is an understatement. At least, when you first go at it. Now that I have a system for it I can use it for pretty much any game I want in the future and not ave to worry about re-coding it. Options part wasn't tough to do thankfully. I have settings for Sound, Music, Fullscreen, Brightness, and 5 different resolutions to change between. I'll probably see if I can do a "Remove Border" option. I also have an Exit Stage and Quit Game options (I would be dumb not to). More interestingly, the last thing on the Pause Menu is Completion Status. This will show you everything you've collected, where, and what you have left to do. It's the main thing I've yet to complete for the Pause Menu. Once that and one other thing is done, the Menu will be finished!

That's all the "useful" stuff I have to say. Hopefully I'll have more interesting things next time, since I'm now working on enemies.


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